Digital out-of-home

Digital out-of-home

Why out of home advertising needs to be in your mix

There’s no denying it – out of home (OOH) creates impact that simply cannot be ignored.


Unlike other media, out of home can’t be avoided or blocked, which gives you the reach and impact that your brand needs.

Because of its wide-reaching and unmissable nature, out of home commands authority and is possibly the best medium for growing brand awareness and making brands famous.

According to Route, out of home advertising reaches 98% of the UK population every week. And with the vast choice of media all competing for share of voice these days, out of home shows its power by maintaining the phenomenal reach.


Because people are spending more and more time out and about, they’re even more exposed to outdoor advertising. What’s more, studies show that people are more likely to absorb messages when they’re in an active mindset – like when they’re out of their home.

The surge in smartphone ownership means that consumers are able to respond to OOH calls to action and share the content.


The reach and the impact that we’ve already mentioned makes OOH the ultimate creative medium. The innovation being seen now with digital OOH has exponentially increased the possibilities of creative flair.

Because DOOH ads don’t come with the production costs attached to static billboards, brands can be a lot more flexible with the design. The ability to incorporate dynamic content such as local references and time-sensitive messaging makes DOOH a highly engaged medium.

Part of the mix

Being so noticeable and iconic, digital out of home advertising can continue and enhance your brand’s story that is told through all other channels.

The strong messaging at key times feeds recognition, which will contribute to increased open rates and drive higher response to direct marketing.

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