We’re giving local C19-affected businesses fifty thousand pounds worth of free advertising

We're giving local C19-affected businesses fifty thousand pounds worth of free advertising

Wold Outdoor provides fifty thousand pounds worth of free advertising to local SMEs affected by Covid19


Wold Outdoor, the local media owner, is to offer fifty thousand pounds worth of awareness advertising space exclusively to SME businesses in the Hull & Humber area, completely free.


Local businesses that are struggling due to the Coronavirus crisis will be able to advertise on the iconic Phoenix Tower. The Phoenix is the digital advertising board located on the busiest route in and out of Hull, the A63.


“SMEs are the backbone of our economy and a lot of businesses are currently operating under incredibly challenging circumstances. They are vital for local and regional stability”, says Andrew Johnson, CEO of Wold Outdoor.


“Being an SME ourselves, we understand the difficulties businesses are facing now. With this C19-fund, we want to help boost the local economy by giving these businesses the opportunity to reach their audiences and increase their brand awareness until this tough period is over. We are absolutely all in this together”, he states.


The Phoenix, the digital advertising board facing both the inbound and outbound roads on the A63, is strategically located to provide more than 500,000 impressions during a normal week.


“Our observations show that the A63 is still busy, as it is a key commuter route and the only way in and out of Hull”, says Andrew, “20 of the 25 largest companies in the region covering the food, health, energy and telecoms industries, are still operating due to their essential status. The City centre may be eerily quiet but the A63 is certainly still seeing a lot of activity”.


“Key workers are driving past The Phoenix every day and will be especially perceptive to its advertising. We just hope that we can support our local economy by providing this space for free and help as many businesses to survive and thrive as possible during these testing times”.


SMEs can book ‘awareness slots’ showing once every 15 minutes, 24 hours a day for 14 days. And if all free slots are not taken up then these ads will simply show more often giving even greater coverage. Advertisers are encouraged to share pictures of their ads on The Phoenix across social media using the hashtag #riselikethephoenix.


In order to book your space on the Phoenix, contact 01430 819449 or email team@woldoutdoor.com.




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