#TheBiggestHint on Valentine’s Day

#TheBiggestHint on Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching – less than 24 hours ladies and gentlemen!

This year, Wold Outdoor has partnered up with Viking FM for a special listener campaign.

We want to help nudge listener Lauren’s boyfriend to get her a Valentine’s treat.

Now, you might think Lauren wants a ring, a necklace or a trip to the Lake District. Far from it, not all Valentine’s presents need to be romantic.

Today’s ladies might just require a practical tool to get them out of bed in the morning. Like a coffee machine.

Sooo, as subtle as we are in advertising, we dropped #TheBiggestHint on our Phoenix advertising board on the A63. The board gets more than HALF A MILLION impressions per week, so chance is that Darren, Lauren’s, boyfriend might get the hint. What do you think?

The big reveal takes place tomorrow on Valentine’s Day. Stay tuned.

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